learn to set up an amazing eCommerce store.


In this article, we are going to discuss learn to set up eCommerce store at a low cost.

Due to this pandemic, there are many businesses that are going online. nowadays the online business is as popular as offline business. We can order most things online.

We can order milk, groceries, vegetables, meds including fish, prawns, and chicken.

We can order most of the things but there are big players in this Ecom industry but there is a small loop or you can say the drawback in this industry which can be a benefit to the people who want to take their existing business to the online and they can start an eCommerce store. many people may have a question in their mind.

drawbacks and the benefits to set up an ecommerce store?

 Before revealing the drawback, I want to share a small story with you.

For eg:-there are two people in a town both of them ordered vegetables online but the thing is one has orders from a big company and the other one has ordered from the local com site. here is the twist the other person who ordered from the local site got his order by the next 1 hour. But the person who ordered from the big com site got his delivery the next day. From this story what you have observed,

 Time is the biggest drawback for big e-com and a great advantage for the local e-com company.

 Due to this pandemic situation, the e-com industry is booming high and the people are not willing to visit the crowded areas anymore. If your shop or store is located in a crowded place then your business is going to have a big loss. I’ve experienced this so, i am advising you my friend to start an e-com store for your business.

Now my friend you are having another question running your mind and the question you have in your mind is 

What are the things that you need to setup an Ecom store for your business?

To set up an e-commerce store you need to build a website for your store.to represent your store online you must have a website for your store.

Things needed to build a website:-

  • Domain name:-  It is the name of your online store.
  • Hosting:-  Technically it is called a server but in simple words it is the location where your website is going to be located. You can also say a virtual location for your store.
  • SSl for the site:- It is a certificate which makes your site safe and strong.
  • Theme for the site:-  It is line Interior for the store.
  • Plugins which boost the site:- These are like showcases and the cupboards for the store, which helps to display the items in your store in a systematic manner.
  • Social media pages:- Like FB page, INSTA page, TWITTER page, etc.

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